Promises Promises

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It may not ever seem like it, especially on this site, but there is some moving and shaking going on in the local music scene in these parts.  For now, let me satiate your appetite with our new Songwriter Series hosted by bliss.  You can find the facebook link here.


Each month, we get the pleasure of listening to two local artists share their own original songs, and tell the stories behind them.  Its been a year and running with this series, and it keeps getting better.  And bigger things are on the way so stay tuned.


As for music from this end of things, hopefully the long cold winter will produce a few recorded tunes for you all to take into the spring.  Slowly but surely we’ll get there.  And maybe, just maybe, by 2023 we will have an EP to put in your hands.


As always, to keep up with all things Jon Rand Music related, follow us on instagram.  Thanks erybody and go out and support local music!

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Summer Lovin

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IMG_0887     First of all thank you to everyone who has come out to our shows to support us this summer.  Haven’t had this much fun in a long long time.  We love it.

You can find us every Thursday at Lindys Landing in Wauconda 6-9 until October.

Also we have a gig at Sidelots in Wauconda on August 19th from 630-10pm on the patio.


The absolute best way to get up to date info on The band is to follow us on Instagram!   JonmichaelRand

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I’m Back!

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Due to circumstances beyond my control (laziness), the website suffered a nice stretch of inactivity.  But….I’m back.  And with it, comes numerous gig dates, pictures, and exciting news ahead.  So much time has passed that I never got to comment on all the “current events” I missed.  So let me catch up real quick:  CONGRATS BLACKHAWKS!  And the dress was black and blue.  Now that we got that out of the way, heres some catch up for you.


We have been given the awesomely awesome privilege of playing out at Lindy’s Landing in Wauconda on the deck, every Thursday from 6-9pm.  We’ve added new tunes, new covers and new band members.  Every week has been overwhelmingly fun, good people, and beautiful lakeside view.  Couldn’t ask for more, so come out and join us every Thursday.  We love meeting people so stop, give a listen, say hi and share a drink.


Here are all the dates up ahead for your listening pleasure


7/23 Lindys Landing 6-9

7/30 Lindys Landing 6-9

8/1 Lindy’s Landing (Saturday fun times, and help celebrate our bestest friends birthday, even if you don’t know her)

8/6 Lindys Landing 6-9 with special guest Leaving Normal

8/13 Lindys Landing 6-9 with special guest

8/20 Lindys Landing 6-9 with special guest Gina Gonzalez

8/27 Lindy’s Landing 6-9

9/10 Lindys Landing 6-9

9/11 TBA

9/17 Lindys Landing 6-9

9/19 TBA

9/24 Lindys Landing 6-9

10/1 Lindys Landing 6-9


Like us on Facebook: Jon Rand Music

follow us onInstagram: Jonmichaelrand

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Thanks Ryan Powers for filming!  “I’ve Got This Friend” cover by The Civil Wars.


Jon Rand and Band – [Cover] “I’ve Got This Friend” by The Civil Wars from Powers Media Studios on Vimeo.


Like the tunes?  Then Like us on Facebook!

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Summer Shows

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Unknown GO HAWKS

Upcoming shows for your musical digestment (its a word). Will there be a harmonica plaing “Timber” with Irish white boy rapping? Will there be some Black Keys tunes? Will Amy Kuester‘s vocals carry you to another dimension, while Jeff Muilkens guitar shreds your soul into eternal bliss and Sean Woitas drums your heart to the beat of elation? What about a wauconda mini micro day tour? Yes. All those things:

May 29th Bliss Wine and Gifts 6-8pm–Wauconda, IL
May 29th Sideouts 930-1230—-Island Lake, IL
June 28th Mcgonigals Pub—-Barrington, IL
July 4th Lindy’s—-Wauconda, IL


More shows to come.  The original tunes cache is rapidly building and we are very excited to start playing those for you all.  Alllssoooo…..we’re working on throwing together a Songwriters night in the Northwest Suburbs for any and all songwriters to play their tunes and tell their stories.  If you’re interested in performing at something like this, please contact me with your info so we can begin to put together a schedule.  Muchas gracias mi amigos.

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Thanks to everyone who came out to the St. Patty’s Day Festivities at Middletons.  Some Irish ballads were sung, green beers were drank, and some Irish were kissed (allegedly).  Good times were had by all. We are booking up some more shows to roll us into the summer so be on the look out for those upcoming dates.  All I want is 90 degree heat, and a Lindy’s fishbowl. Soon enough my friends.  The weather prophets say one more snow is on the way, but it won’t be long before we’ll all be chilling by the water.  In the meantime you can enjoy some new tunes on the way, and the possible formation of an actual consistent band name.  I mean we really like Jonis Joplin, the Jonis Brothers, the Rubber Band Rand Band Bandits….or whatever we come up with 2 minutes before we go live, but its time for something to stick.

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New Show(s), old shows

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Each morning I wake up I ask myself one question:  What would Zack Morris do?  Its how I live my life.  Its the fuel for the engine that is Jon Rand.  Today what is Zack telling you and I to do?  Get out that huge ass 80’s phone and reserve a table for Uncommon Ground on Friday Aug 30th at 10pm. This will be our first time playing with the insanely talented Amy Kuester and our first time playing a full original set. I did try to cover a “Friends Forever” but that got vetoed.

Thursday marks the last of our outdoor shows at Lindy’s Landing, who has been great to us.  Thank you to everyone who came out to hear the sweet sultry tunes of Taylor Swift and The Gorillaz.  Glad you are still with us after all that.  But you should come out one last time to allow us to wow you with the guest appearance of one Levi Dawson and his magic hands…because of how he plays the drums….magically.

So hope to see you out there, hope to provide you with some more shows, musical content, and Zack Advice.

Here’s the number to Uncommon Ground on Clark:773-929-3680

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Luaus, new site, new music, new shows

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Things have been subtly dormant for a while, but are slowly developing.  In the coming months you can look forward to some newly recorded tunes, some new shows and eventually a new site.  But for now, to satiate any passing interest you may have in hearing more music, every other Thursday, starting next week the 8th, Jeff and I will be playing a Luau throughout August at Lindys 6:30-9:30 pm.  Jeff’s guitar licks will baste your ears in the delicious buttery smoothness of virtuoso-esque shredding fused with angelic honey tones dancing upon the strings.  Most people think I forget the lyrics to songs from time to time, but in reality its just his leads leaving me breathless.


The tunes keeping me alive today have been “Breakfast” by Xoe Wise (on repeat repeat repeat), Young Summer’s “Waves that Rolled You Under,” and a little Memphis May Fire sprinkled in….  Go ahead and judge me…a small small dose of country too.

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Upcoming Shows

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Thanks to everyone who comes out to the shows.  I haven’t been good about posting in this site but upcoming I’ve got some other places on tap.  Hoping to add in some outdoor stuff as the weather gets warm so look forward to Lindys, JJ Twigs, Bliss and maybe some other local places.

April 11th is Bliss at 530.


I’ll update May and June soon.

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Thanks again to Bliss for letting us play.  Good times.  Good wine.  Tasty Beers.  And good friends.

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